10 Alternate Wolverines Better Than Our Logan (And 10 Who Are Way Worse)

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Nowadays, when the word Wolverine gets thrown around, Hugh Jackman’s name usually comes up right after. Because he’s portrayed Marvel’s iconic clawed mutant so many times, everyone associates him with the character. What people tend to forget is that Jackman wasn’t the first incarnation of Wolverine. Before Jackman came along, Wolverine’s home was in the comics. There, Wolverine’s past, present, and future were explored in much greater depth than Jackman’s Logan ever was. At the same time, the comics introduced us to numerous versions of Wolverine.

In the Marvel universe, a multitude of Wolverines exists. For each Earth in the Multiverse, there’s a Wolverine to go with it. Most of them are similar to the Prime Wolverine from Earth-616 but some are drastically different. Nevertheless, all these different Wolverines deserve some consideration when comparing them to leading man Logan. To rank them, we’ve compiled a list of 10 alternate Wolverines that are better than Logan, along with 10 that are way worse.


As surprising as it may be to hear, Wolverine has become a zombie on two separate occasions, the most prominent of which was in the first Marvel Zombies event. In that universe, Wolverine is infected by the zombie virus when both Captain America and Hawkeye bite him. One would expect Wolverine’s healing factor to prevent the virus from affecting him but it actually shorts out due to the virus overwhelming his system.

Once a zombie, Wolverine joins a number of other zombie-turned heroes in an attack on the Silver Surfer. With their combined efforts, the zombies overpower Silver Surfer and devour him. In doing so, they absorbed his cosmic powers which they then use to consume Galactus. After feasting on Galactus, the zombified heroes became one with each other, transforming into the new Galactus.


In the Age of Apocalypse universe, the X-Men were formed under slightly different circumstances. One of the biggest differences was how Wolverine, aka Weapon-X, joined the X-Men. Instead of being slowly integrated into the team by Professor X, Magneto recruited Wolverine onto his team. He tasked Jean Grey with stabilizing Wolverine’s rage, which led to a romance forming between the two as they worked together on the X-Men.

Another stark difference from the main timeline was how Wolverine fought with Cyclops. Their initial confrontation wasn’t over Jean Grey like one would expect, but because Cyclops was working for Apocalypse. When they encountered each other in Apocalypse’s citadel, a battle ensued. During that fight, Wolverine lost a hand while Cyclops lost an eye. He capped the stump with a metal plate that he later revealed to house his retracted claw.

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