10 Freaky Yet Awesome X-Men You Probably Forgot

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The X-Men franchise has existed since 1963 and has had countless iterations across media. Most comic book fans attribute its continued success to it’s applicability to real life conflicts, the chief conflict being minority oppression. The X-Men are hated and feared for being different, just like (insert race/gender/creed/religious affiliation/dress size). So of course, these Defenders of the Disenfranchised are represented by attractive, fit, upper class and educated white people. Kind of subverts the whole minority thing. The thing is, if X-Men like Cyclops or Angel really existed, they’d be on the cover of Esquire posing with Kate Upton. They’re about as oppressed as your high school football team. Even the “weird” X-Men like Nightcrawler and Beast would still get more action than you do. What happened to the super-team that Stan Lee proudly proclaimed were “The strangest heroes in Marvel”? X-Men writers seemed to have picked up on this conceit and have made efforts to create more X-Men with overt and unsettling mutations in the last thirty years. Granted, most of these guys aren’t major X-Men but they still get an A for effort. Rather than having a team of supermodels, the modern X-Men tend to have a lot more REAL weirdos. People with tentacles or bat wings or at least an extra boob. With that in mind, lets take a look at the X-Men that Professor Xavier doesn’t put on the college brochure. If you have any personal favorite X-Freaks, feel free to mention them in the comments!

10. Marrow

First Appearance:┬áCable #15 – 1994 Like most good heroines, mutant women tend to be pretty hot. They don’t get much more freaky than white hair and zero percent body fat. The horror. So you could imagine how crazy the addition of a chick with bones popping out of her body was. And she had pink hair! Only known as Sarah, Marrow was a homeless member of the sewer-dwelling Morlocks; mutants too physically mutated to live with humanity. In her case, the physical mutation was inhuman bone growth which she could use for various weapons and armour. Depending on the artist, her passive bone protrusions could be anything from attractive and shapely armour to just random femurs jutting out everywhere. Despite this disfigurement, Marrow’s bone-powers had the utility of allowing her to create anything from clubs, projectiles, and even knuckle claws like that Canadian guy. To top that off, her powers logically gave her a nigh-unbreakable skeleton and accelerated healing. This is best illustrated when Storm gutted her – long story – and it turns out that she has TWO HEARTS for just such an occasion. As you could imagine, Marrow’s homelessness and horrific powers made her a bit unstable. Despite her badass-ness, she was never a consistent X-Man. One of her only claims to fame was her “BONE-MERANG” shouting portrayal in Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

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