10 Infinity War Fan Theories That Were True (And 10 That Were False)

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Infinity War has finally landed, and we all need a moment. Thanos did the thing! That hero bit the big one! Our feelings! OUR FEELINGS! Before the movie dropped, though, fans around the globe were speculating wildly as to what would happen. Who would die? Who would live? Would Thanos actually win? The theories ranged from shockingly accurate to hilariously wrong. At the end of the day, though, pretty much everything was a guess, and a few got lucky — a bit like the characters in the film, itself. We can largely attribute this accuracy record to the almost unprecedented levels of secrecy surrounding the production, along with some outright deceptive marketing.

What we’re doing here is compiling a big ol’ list of some of the most believable pre-release theories (and a few more out-there ones), and seeing who got to run around to their friends saying how they called it. It should go without saying, but this list includes some major, MAJOR SPOILERS. Seriously. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now. Thanos might have demanded our silence, but, well, he is a fictional character and also not the dad of us. But seriously, we’re giving you plenty of warning.


Just in case you didn’t pay attention to all those warnings in the intro (or you just didn’t read it), we’re giving you one last chance to back out before we get to the real spoilers. So this is it. Final warning. Turn back now if you haven’t seen the movie. Initially, the third and fourth Avengers movies were announced as Infinity War Part 1 and Infinity War Part 2. As production progressed, the titles were changed up, and Infinity War Part 1  was re-titled to simply Infinity War, and Part 2was re-titled to something as yet unannounced.

A popular theory in the run-up to Infinity War involved an MCU credits staple. At the very end of the credits, usually after the post-credits stinger, the audience is told “The Avengers will return.” Occasionally, the credits would include the title of the next movie they appeared in. Winter Soldier, for example, ended with “Captain America will return in Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Due to the high levels of secrecy surrounding both Infinity War and the title of Avengers 4, fans naturally started speculating that the title for Avengers 4 would be revealed at the end of Infinity War. Instead, we simply got the ominous “Thanos will return.”


In the very first trailer for Infinity War, we saw the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor battling alongside the Avengers in Wakanda. This raised several eyebrows, as we also saw Tony Stark in his fancy new Iron Man armor. Speculation naturally ran rampant as to who was in the armor, if not Tony. Sharp-eyed fans noticed that Hulk himself was conspicuously absent in the trailers, with only a brief shot of Bruce Banner appearing in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. This in turn led to theories that Bruce Banner was piloting the Hulkbuster, for unknown reasons.

Once the movie came out, these theories were confirmed.

Thanos wrecks Hulk so thoroughly that Bruce finds himself unable to transform. Tony, meanwhile, has his new nanotech armor and also goes to space. Banner instead starts piloting the Hulkbuster armor so he can still be useful in the battle against Thanos’ invasion (why he chooses to fight on the front lines rather than help Shuri save Vision is another question). While it proves to be useless against Thanos himself, it does serve to battle two of his Black Order, and defeat one of them. Where he got the armor goes unanswered, as well as why he can’t transform into Hulk.

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