11 Most Exciting Deadpool Movie Rumours

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Could Fox be about to make a big budget R-rated comic book movie with hyper-violence, profanity and swagger? Could it possibly be true?

If the studio who have probably done the best of the third-party Marvel rights holders are indeed going to make Deadpool both very adult and very expensive, fans could be back on the verge of a fundamental change in the cinematic landscape.

Inevitably there are lessons to heed: Dredd might have been perfect in fans’ eyes but it didn’t exactly breed financial success or the anticipated franchise (yet), and going too weird didn’t work for Tank Girl.

But in Deadpool, Fox have a gem of a character, whose appeal is confirmed in the fact that X-Men Origins didn’t ruin his appeal. Or dampen the excitement for Ryan Reynolds to play him. That is a monumental achievement, all things considered.

And now that it has both a release date and a rating (R for ruddy good idea), it’s time to get properly excited about the next step in the X-Men expanded franchise. Which will be easy if even half of these rumours turn out to be true…

11. Blind Al

Not so long ago, the Internet got hold of a casting card that was asking for the following talent for a film called Wham! (Deadpool’s working title):

“Shirlie: African American, late 60s to early 80s. Worldly, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, dry, funny. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.”

Clearly, fans of Deadpool will realise that Shirlie is in fact Blind Al, the blind senior citizen who is Deadpool’s… companion of sorts. Inevitably, she’s a bizarre character: cynical, cantankerous and tough as boot-nails, and crucially hilarious.

It’s best to think of her as sort of a room-mate/authority figure who holds odd sway over Wade, despite the fact that she is his kidnap victim and a former mark. That she is apparently in indicates that Fox are committed (for now) to doing the film right.

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