14 Little Known Comics Stats That’ll Blow Your Mind

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Although the comics industry’s forecast for the last five or so years has spelled nothing but doom, gloom and oh, more doom, it’s also true that the medium has managed to produce some truly jaw-dropping facts and figures in its time.

Comics are pop culture’s hottest commodity right now, cultivating an industry worth millions both on the screen and off it. This isn’t a burgeoning movement either; comics have been placed left right and centre since the beginning of the Second World War, and have dominated the cultural landscape in pretty much every decade since.

It’s a modern mythology in every sense of the word and, because of that, some of the industry’s stats possess some majorly mind-blowing properties, even if they have managed to fly under the radar in some respects.

That doesn’t just go for financial clout either – there are plenty of facts, figures and statistics both fictional and otherwise that have typified the ambition and scale of the industry since its formative moments – some achieved by individuals, like Stan Lee, and others by comic heroes themselves, like the Punisher.

It makes for fascinating reading, especially if you’ve ever pondered just how many comics Stan ‘the man’ has written, or how many people Frank Castle has offed over the years. While totting up that particular stat might not intimate the spectacle and wonder of the medium, it’s truer now more than ever that comics are special. Here are the craziest figures they’ve managed to conjure…

14. The World’s Largest Comic Collection Is At The Library Of Congress

Nope, the largest comics collection isn’t at Nicholas Cage’s home, but rather the LOC itself, located at the heart of Washington, D.C.

The Library, which boasts the largest collection of every American newspaper, government document and well… just about everything, really, has an archive that holds over 120,000 individual comic book issues, along with over 6,000 individual titles too.

The only chance you’ll get to read any of them depends on if you’re a scholar or not, sadly. Given how Comics Studies is still a burgeoning discipline, it’s as good a time as any to realign your major, especially if you’re after a read of Detective Comics #27.

Either that, or you’ll have to pull a Ben Gates and break into the place. There are worse ideas for a National Treasure sequel, I suppose…

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