15 Indie Comics That Deserve The Netflix Treatment

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In recent years, Netflix has become the pinnacle for quality television series. The home to a vast array of original programming, Netflix offers a variety of genres, both live action and animated. While The CW and Fox seem to be home to many DC related TV shows, Marvel has partnered with Netflix to bring to life such characters as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. But what about independent comic book adaptations? Don’t some titles from smaller publishers warrant adaptations of their own?

In the list below, you’ll find an assortment of indie comics that have what it takes to be adapted to a television format. From all-ages epics to sprawling adult space-faring adventures, these comics certainly deserve the Netflix treatment.


The first entry on this list is an all-ages medieval-esque epic featuring anthropomorphic mice. “Mouse Guard,” by David Petersen, is a comic book series from Archaia Studios Press that tells the tale of a civilization of mice trying to survive the throes of winter and predatory animals. Set in a world without humans, the series spans three regular story volumes (“Winter 1152,” “Spring 1153” and “Black Axe”), three anthology volumes from various creators (“Legends of the Guard”) and has spawned a roleplaying game as well.

While “Mouse Guard” has already been optioned for film at 20th Century Fox, the comic book, with all of its iterations, would make a much better Netflix computer-animated series, as it has so much story to be told; each book alone could encompass an entire season. Netflix has already found success with computer-animated programming, as Guillermo Del Toro’s recent “Trollhunters” indicates. With Petersen’s breathtaking illustrations of vast landscapes, towering creatures and intricate mouse-made castles and ships, Netflix would be the perfect home for the mice of “Mouse Guard.”

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