15 Indie Comics That Deserve The Netflix Treatment

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“Black Science” has everything you could want in a drama: family dynamics, jealousy and betrayal, individual character growth and flawed protagonists, only developed as a dark, dimension-jumping science fiction story. Created by Rick Remender and produced by Image Comics, “Black Science” is the story of Grant McKay (a brilliant scientist) and Kadir (a greedy businessman) and shows the devastating result of their creation of a technology, coupled with black science, for the use of inter-dimensional travel.

At 28 issues and 12 more to go, “Black Science” already has enough story to support a few seasons of binge-worthy entertainment, but quantity is certainly not all that matters. With stunning alien cultures, vivid landscapes and shocking twists, audiences would be enamored by Remender’s story paired with Matteo Scalera’s beautiful illustrations. Each would translate magnificently to the small screen, thus providing emotional and visual depth to a gripping saga. Perhaps a little black science can help get this series dimension jumping from the comics medium to a television medium on Netflix.

11. RUST

Years after a war between humans and robots, a small, struggling farm is paid a visit by a mysterious boy wearing a jet pack. Trying to uncover the truth behind the child known as Jet Jones, all the while doing what’s necessary to maintain his family farm, the young Roman Taylor is thrust into a world he never could have imagined.

From creator Royden Lepp and Archaia Studios Press, “Rust” is a science fiction family drama for any age, and an intriguing mystery as well, both of which would make it a perfect choice for Netflix. With three volumes published to date, and one more on the way, “Rust”could be developed as a film franchise for Netflix, either to be released separately, or in the same format as their original programming — all at once. With its steampunk, 1940’s era visuals and heartfelt storytelling, the series would look fantastic in either live-action or animated format.

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