15 Marvel Characters Even True Fans Didn’t Know Already Appeared In The MCU

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Actor Michael Mando appears in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming as a criminal looking to purchase weapons from the Vulture during the epic Staten Island Ferry scene. While his inclusion may seem completely happenstance to lead to the inevitable bifurcation of the boat, it turns out Mando was actually playing the character of Mac Gargan, which is the alter ego of the Scorpion.

The filmmakers were a little less than subtle with regards to Gargan’s inclusion, especially in the mid-credits scene during which he approaches Toomes about Spider-Man and a scorpion tattoo is clearly visible on his neck. The little exchange these two characters had also led audiences to believe that a potential Sinister Six scenario could be on the horizon. Thankfully it was handled with a bit more grace than it was in previous Spidey films.


The fact that Adam Warlock has yet to make his big screen appearance properly (especially with the inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet) makes his bizarre cameos in the MCU thus far even stranger. Adam Warlock is a heavy hitter in the galactic side of the Marvel Universe. He as a key player in the comic mini-series Infinity Gauntletand its sequels. Which is why is seems a bit odd that the films have only shown him as a cocoon. Let us explain:

In the first Guardians film, we see a bulbous sack in one of The Collector’s display boxes. It’s easy to miss, but like everything in those boxes, it hold some massive significance. This weird sack holds Adam Warlock. In fact, it actually births him. The cocoon is seen again (this time less gross) in the second Guardians film and is even called “Adam” by Ayesha.

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