15 Superkids More Powerful Than Their Avenger Parents

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The Avengers are the world’s mightiest heroes. Well, that’s what they say anyway. But are they? We aren’t so sure they are. In fact, when we think about it, we can come up with quite a long list of names of characters from the Marvel Universe more formidable than a lot of past and present members of the Avengers. The embarrassing thing? Sometimes it’s an Avenger’s kid who could theoretically – and in some cases, evidently — give their parents a butt-whooping.

To be fair, some Avengers have kids who are Omega Level Mutants. In which case, they’ve put ego aside and are probably doing everything they can just to keep their kids on the path of the good. Other Avengers’ kids don’t have as much to work with, but are remarkably ambition, courageous, or intelligent. Some of their offspring proudly follow in their mother’s or father’s footsteps and join the Avengers. Then again, some end up being unkillable, evil androids that nearly destroy the Avengers every time they fight — which is often. You never know when you have a kid — especially if you inhabit the Marvel Universe. Here are 15 kids of past and present members of the Avengers who are more powerful than their parents.


It’s hard to imagine a more personal rivalry than the one between the 616 Steve Rogers and Red Skull — but their ultimate universe counterparts may fit the bill. That’s because in the ultimate universe Skull is Rogers’ son. During WWII, shortly after Captain America was deceased, Cap’s son was born in secret, kept at a military compound. The child grew up even stronger and more skilled than his father. At the age of 17, he escaped from the compound, removed the skin from his head, and resolved to be his father’s opposite.

As the Red Skull, he orchestrated the assassination of JFK and played pivotal roles behind-the-scenes in wars and dictatorial regimes. When he finally came across his time-displaced father, Skull was working with A.I.M., and eventually got his hands on the cosmic cube, threatening the entire Ultimate universe.

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