15 Terrifyingly Overpowered Supervillains

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The major comic book universes of both DC and Marvel are filled to the brim with godlike superheroes. Of course they need godlike supervillains to keep their stories interesting and to keep readers thinking the world or the universe is actually at stake when an evil force arrives to threaten it. The problem here is that when we have incredibly powerful supervillains, they have a tendency to appear with too much power and it becomes almost obviously difficult for even the writers to come up with logical or practical ways for our favorite heroes to defeat these immense evils.

These 15 supervillains (in no particular order) are the worst of the worst. They’re all beloved by fans and for the most part, they’ve endured for decades with each of their defeats being only temporary. They range from mere mortals to celestial titans, each one overpowered in their own way. We’ll explore how they’ve met defeat and how they’ve managed to always return. Sometimes it makes sense (as much as any comic book really does) while other times it feels as though everyone needed a convenient and quick way out of a conundrum. As we said, that’s what happens when you have scarily overpowered villains like these.


We can barely imagine how much power a being known as the “World Eater” must possess. Galactus has existed since before the universe was born. After becoming one with the sentience of the universe, he emerged in the new universe with a great hunger, one that requires entire planets to satisfy. His immense power allows him to control the universe around him through telekinesis, matter manipulation, the ability to transport anything through the universe and even the ability to create and restore life.

You’d think the embodiment of a cosmos would be near impossible to defeat, let alone kill. But the heroes of Earth have done it quite a lot with the help of the Ultimate Nullifier, like in Fantastic Four #50. There’s really no need for him to fear things like the Nulifier, given the kind of power we’ve seen him wield.

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