15 Times Captain America’s Unbreakable Shield Was SHATTERED

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Captain America’s shield is one of the strongest objects in the Marvel Universe. The circular version first appeared in 1941’s Captain America Comics #2 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and was originally forged by a scientist named Dr. Myron MacLain, who was trying to create an indestructible metal with steel and vibranium. When he fell asleep, he woke up to find the substance had fused with an unknown chemical to become an entirely new alloy. The new shield was given to Captain America by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and it’s been his main weapon in fighting evil.

The shield has been called unbreakable and stood up to everything from Wolverine’s claws to Thor’s hammer, and continued to stay strong, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been broken. Just like the times when something broke Thor’s hammer or took down Wolverine, whenever a story needs to show that things are about to get real, something breaks Cap’s shield. Whether it’s in alternate realities or in the “real” universe, Captain America’s shield has been chipped, dented and destroyed, but always manages to come back.


We can’t talk about the times the shield was broken without mentioning the time it was dented. In 2003’s Avengers #63 (Geoff Johns, Alan Davis), Thor became enraged when the nation of Slokovia outlawed the Church of Thor and slaughtered its followers. Thor tried to overthrow the foreign country because of its betrayal, and the Avengers went in to try to stop their former teammate.

Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man engaged Thor in an epic battle. When Thor used his hammer on Captain America’s shield, it actually managed to dent the indestructible metal. However, that didn’t last long. When Thor calmed down and came to his senses, he used his hammer to bang out the dent, restoring the shield. It was the least he could do.

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