15 Times Marvel Comics Changed To Match The Movies

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For decades, movies have been adapting comic books to the big screen, bringing iconic heroes like Superman, Batman and the X-Men to life. Usually, it’s the movies that are trying to make changes to fit the original story, but sometimes it’s the other way around.

Since 1999’s “Blade,” Marvel has been keenly aware of how the movies bring more exposure to its books. They expect fans to go flooding to the bookstores after seeing the movies, and don’t want fans to be disappointed that the comics don’t meet their expectations. That’s why they’ve made changes to characters to match the movie versions, sometimes in the personalities or the appearance, other times to the powers. reviews 15 of the biggest changes Marvel has made to its comic characters.

15. X-MEN

In 1999, director Bryan Singer changed comic book movie adaptations forever with “X-Men.” The movie took a more grounded approach to the iconic team of superheroes, setting it in the “not-so-distant future” and getting rid of the colorful costumes that the X-Men had worn for decades. Instead, they all wore black leather costumes like “The Matrix.” The movie also showed Xavier’s institute as a school with actual classes instead of just a headquarters. The movie was a smash hit and paved the way for other superhero movies which got rid of the Spandex.

In 2001, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely began writing “New X-Men” starting in #114. In his original pitch document, Morrison’s stated goal was to make the comic X-Men fit the movie versions. That included getting rid of their usual costumes and having all the X-Men wear black outfits with only yellow accents. Wolverine stopped wearing his mask and tended more towards leather jackets and open shirts. The X-Men compound also became an actual school with dozens of students instead of just a training center like the comics had always portrayed.

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