15 Times Marvel Comics Changed To Match The Movies

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Writer Marv Wolfman and penciller Gene Colan first introduced Blade in “The Tomb of Dracula” #10 in 1973 as a black vampire hunter. In his original appearances, he was born from a woman who was killed by a vampire during childbirth, passing on long life and an immunity to vampire bites. His skill at killing vampires with silver knives got him his nickname, “Blade.” Other than his vampire-killing skills, Blade was just a regular human.

In 1998, the relatively obscure character got his own movie starring Wesley Snipes with some pretty big changes. In the movie, Blade is part-vampire with superhuman speed, strength and agility along with immunity to silver, garlic and sunlight. In order to match the movie version, Blade got an upgrade in the comics. In 1998’s “Marvel Team-Up” #7 (written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by Thomas Derenick), Blade was bitten by the biotech vampire Morbius and developed the same enhanced powers.


Anyone who watched the “Iron Man” movie trilogy would think that Whiplash is one of the superhero’s greatest enemies, and he is in the comics…sort of. In the comics, there have been a few versions of Whiplash since he first appeared in 1968’s “Tales of Suspense” #97 (Stan Lee, Gene Colan) where he was Mark Scarlotti, an assassin with a metal whip. He later changed his name to Blacklash, and a mutant named Leann Foreman became the second Whiplash.

In 2010’s “Iron Man 2,” Whiplash was completely different from all of them, now a Russian engineer named Ivan Vanko with a suit of plasma-charged whips. Vanko actually combined the Whiplash concept with another Iron Man villain, a Russian armored enemy named the Crimson Dynamo. The same year, Marvel released “Iron Man vs. Whiplash” (Marc Guggenheim, Philipe Briones, Marko Djurdjevic) where a Russian scientist named Anton Vanko built a suit of energy whips as the new Whiplash. The circle was now complete.

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