15 Times Marvel Comics Changed To Match The Movies

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The sharpshooter Bullseye made his debut in 1976’s “Daredevil” #131 (Marv Wolfman, John Romita, Sr.) as a ruthless assassin who became an enemy of Daredevil. He’s known for his incredible skill and marksmanship, able to kill people with conventional weapons like guns and throwing knives, but also ordinary objects like playing cards and pencils. His costume had a distinctive “target” symbol on the mask. That’s the comic version, but the movie version was very different.

In 2003’s “Daredevil,” Bullseye was played by Colin Farrell, who had the skill at throwing and marksmanship, but didn’t wear the usual Spandex costume. Instead of the mask, the movie Bullseye had a target symbol branded on his forehead. In 2010’s “Punisher MAX” #6 (Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon), a different version of Bullseye was hired by the Kingpin to kill the Punisher. The comic version of Bullseye caught up with the movie, avoiding a costume and having a bullseye tattooed on his forehead.


First appearing in “The Ultimates” #8, created by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, the Chitauri were a race of lizard-like shapeshifters who tried to conquer Earth by manipulating the world, especially in World War II. They were never really seen, preferring to take on the shape and memories of humans they ate, working with evil like the Nazis, and trying to crush free will throughout the universe. If that description is surprising, that’s probably because you saw the Chitauri in 2012’s “Avengers,” where they were very different.

The Chitauri in “Avengers” only borrowed the name from the comic book version, appearing as generic mute alien warriors with bio-mechanical technology. The comics did try to adapt the Chitauri to the movie version in 2013’s “Nova” #4 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. The new mainstream Chitauri were pretty much the “Avengers” version; monstrous aliens who never shapeshifted and flew around on hovercraft.

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