15 Ways Marvel Changed The X-Men (Without You Noticing)

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To put it mildly, the X-Men can be a little confusing. After decades of time-traveling adventures, Marvel’s merry mutants have fallen into a tangled web of possible futures and parallel realities that can leave the most ardent X-Men fans scratching their heads. With dozens of stories sold on the promise that “everything you know will change,” the dark secrets of the X-Men’s past have emerged like an endless parade of skeletons from the X-Mansion’s closets, too. With all of these new details about the future and the past, the history of the X-Men has been reshaped multiple times by these pieces of retroactive continuity or “retcons,” where unseen events are revealed in new stories.


For most of his existence, Wolverine’s life was a mystery, defined by glimpses of his violent past. Even relatively simple details like the true nature of his powers remained shrouded in mystery for years. For instance, there were many references to the idea that the Weapon X Program gave Wolverine his claws. In 1993’s X-Men#25, by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert, this idea was firmly debunked when Magneto famously ripped out Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton to find Logan’s bone claws underneath.

As we covered recently, Wolverine’s history has been filled with revelations like this. While Wolverine’s earliest days were revealed in Paul Jenkins and Kubert’s 2001 miniseries Origin, Wolverine got his full memories back until the end of the 2005 crossover House of M. As Wolverine explored his new memories, he uncovered several earth-shattering revelations about his life, including the quickly abandoned possibility that he founded Weapon X.

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