16 Alternate MCU Concept Costumes Better Than What’s Been On The Screen

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We all know that before Benedict Cumberbatch, there were many names thrown into the ring for the role of Sorcerer Supreme. Thankfully, the MCU’s Stephen Strange was a hit, feeling more like a fantasy movie rather than a comic book adaptation. His costume was an incredible way of piecing together the iconic look that Stephen Strange frequently rocks.

But this concept art gives us a different take on the tunic that Strange ended up wearing towards the latter half of the film. With the jacket crossing over and clipping together rather than being tied together as a robe. And although comic book Doctor Strange fans loved the large collar of the cape, this version imagines the collar in a practical way. Also, the fingerless gloves are a nice final touch.


Hank Pym and Scott Lang have had an interesting journey onto the big screen, and they’ve gone through many different iterations with the look of the iconic costume. These here designs by Andy Park give us some very different takes on the Ant-Man look, some embracing the antennae, some that get rid of it completely.

The final look that made it into the MCU feels like a combination of the initial designs. But one part that we really love is the way his mask has a mouth component that can open and close. It’s a smoother way of allowing him to talk to people rather than having to unclip the bottom half like in the film. The way the visors are designed give them an experimental space suit feel to them. Someone give Elon Musk a call.

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