16 Marvel Villains Who Would Destroy The Justice League

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DCEU’s main superhero squad is still developing but this November, we expect them to be very badass in Justice League. Following the events of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman started assembling superheroes to fight an impending threat, which it turns out will be Steppenwolf — Darkseid’s general who will be leading the first wave of attack from Apokolips. So far, they have added Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman. Superman, who died in BvS, is expected to return from the grave and round the team out to something we’re more familiar with from the comics, cartoons and animated movies. Sounds like quite a powerhouse lineup, right?

Well, in terms of villains, the DCEU has given us Joker, the Enchantress and her brother Incubus (both seen in Suicide Squad), and Lex Luthor to name a few. However, Zack Snyder’s Doomsday and the Kryptonian army that Zod led are the only ones we think mounted a really major challenge. Marvel, however, has a vast array of supervillains (which hopefully Marvel Studios and Fox fully exploit someday) who we think can obliterate the Justice League and prove to be more destructive than DC’s current stable of despots.

16. KANG

In the comics, due to Kang’s sinister ways of using time-travel, he had storied rivalries with Reed Richards and the Avengers. Kang also has close ties to Doom and Apocalypse, but while he may not be seen as a heavy-hitter, he’s just as dangerous, relying on brains over brawn. He’s been seen as an anti-hero at times too so clearly, the godlike Justice League wouldn’t be in his good books.

Kang once dispatched Merlin and attempted to take over King Arthur’s court, which means he’s the kind of mastermind that would travel back to kill the Kents before they found Kal-El’s spaceship. He would probably then raise Superman to do his bidding. Steve Trevor’s crash, Aquaman’s birth mother and the Mother Box used to form Cyborg would all be erased if he had the chance, making Kang just as evil as, say, Professor Zoom… but much more devious.


Ultron is more human and erratic due to his daddy issues with Hank Pym. This leaves the artificial intelligence with much more emotional idiosyncrasies, making him super-dangerous compared to other Marvel villains.We got a taste of this in the Age of Ultron comics and film. Tech is Ultron’s playground so he could also easily hack Batman’s tools, systems (such as Brother Eye) and overall weaponry if he saw fit, let alone taking over Cyborg.

If Batman has failsafes to take out the League, as seen in the Tower of Babelevent, then consider the heroes dead. Ultron can even hack Kryptonian tech (a la Brainiac) to take out Superman, and use WMDs to attack Atlantis. This could leave Wonder Woman as the only one to fight the good fight, but he’s got Ultron-bots ready for cases like her or the Flash.

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