20 Symbiotes More Powerful Than Venom

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The hype for 2018’s Venom movie is now well underway, with a trailer, cast list and poster giving us the best look we’ve had of the Tom Hardy led picture than we’ve had before. Fans will always be divided over Sony’s Spider-Man franchise, with many wondering if a Venom movie will even work without everyone’s favorite web-slinging wall-crawler. Despite this apprehension, the trailer goes a long way to assuaging those fears, with a suitably scary look at the Lethal Protector himself in the final few seconds.

The movie centers around Eddie Brock (played by Hardy), a local reporter who, in the comics, gets infected with the alien symbiote after Spider-Man manages to successfully extricate himself from it. It’s not yet clear just how Eddie and the symbiote will come together, but there’s no doubt that we’ll see the birth of Venom. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Venom is the only symbiote in the Marvel universe, but you’d be wrong. He’s the most prominent by far, but there are plenty of other symbiotes out there that are not only scarier, but more powerful than Venom. Join us as we run down the 20 symbiotes in the Marvel Universe that are more powerful than the Lethal Protector himself, Venom!


The first symbiote to follow in Venom’s footsteps, Carnage is the example of what happens when a symbiote bonds with the most vile human being on the planet. Created in 1991 by David Micheline, Eric Larson and Mark Bagley, we’re first introduced to Carnage through Cletus Kasady, a psychopathic serial killer that would eventually become the symbiote’s deadly host. He was initially designed by Micheline to be the new host for Venom, killing off Eddie Brock in the process, but this plan was scrapped by Marvel due to Venom’s popularity.

Carnage was designed as a far more dangerous, more powerful and all-round scarier Spider-Man villain than readers had ever seen before.

Kasady was even styled after the Joker, which should give you some idea of where his character was heading. Born when the Venom symbiote left a part of itself behind, this offspring bonded with Cletus Kasady and a venomous killer with no morality was born. Carnage has become a popular character in his own right over the years, leading to him making many prominent returns. Most recently, Carnage has returned to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, bonding with Norman Osborn to create the even more powerful Red Goblin, a being imbued with the strength of the symbiote and the madness of the Goblin serum.


Looking like a monster from a ‘50s B-Movie, Krobaa was a giant blob-like monster that could potentially have hailed from Klyntar — the homeworld of the Venom symbiote — although it’s never fully made clear. Appearing in only one issue of Venom: Seed of Darkness, Krobaa was a scout from his homeworld on a mission of exploration, making him one of the only symbiotes on this list that wasn’t originally created from the Venom symbiote.

Pulled to Earth through an interdimensional portal, Krobaa was forced to temporarily bond with a human host so that he could survive. The only being around was Dr. Nigel Donlevy, the scientist that activated the portal in the first place and caused Krobaa’s current situation. Their bond transformed both of them into a singular, monstrous being of destruction, in opposition to both of their personalities. When confronting the monster, Eddie Brock discovers Krobaa’s weakness to light, and his camera flashes are able to separate the two beings again. Krobaa, now free from the bond, could not believe how dark humanity was — “What monstrous gods would create a race with so much buried greatness – yet curse them with souls born wounded?” — and chooses suicide over allowing the “seed of darkness” that is humanity from being unleashed upon the universe.

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