20 Weird Secrets About The Body Of Galactus

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Fantastic Four #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the Fantastic Four to one of their most powerful and deadly enemies: Galactus. The so-called Devourer of Worlds is a seemingly immortal being who has lived since the beginning of our universe, and has incredible power and technology at his disposal. He’s nothing less than a god who craves not worship or power, but food. The problem is that a nice meal for Galactus is an entire planet of sentient beings. Since people don’t look kindly on a god eating their home planet, Galactus is a feared enemy and has been considered a danger to the entire universe.

Galactus has been a staple of the comic books, appearing and fighting against heroes such as Hercules, Rom the Spaceknight and Black Panther, among countless others. He’s been in quite a few animated series quite a few times, but only one movie in 2007, so there’s still a lot to learn about this powerful but still mysterious cosmic entity. We’ll be going over how Galactus eats planets, why Galactus eats planets, and some of the ways his body has adapted to consume them. We’ll also cover some of the more unusual aspects of Galactus’ body. After all, he’s not what you think he is, and his body has been used for good and evil.


When it comes to Galactus, his most memorable trait is his hunger for other planets, so let’s talk about it. His enormous and immortal body has a need that you won’t find in anyone else in the known Marvel Universe. Galactus doesn’t need to eat food or drink water or any other substance, because he can get what his body needs by draining energy from planets to survive. However, it’s not really clear what determines what planets he needs. After all, there are billions of uninhabited and empty planets in the universe, but he went as far as to create heralds who travel billions of lightyears in search of specific planets for him to devour.

It turns out that Galactus needs not just energy but “life energy.” That’s a big distinction.

The easiest way to get life energy is to consume planets with sentient life already on them, but he also can consume planets with the potential for sentient life in the future. Since potential life planets are harder to come by, Galactus likes to take the easy way out and just find planets with rich and tasty civilizations to drain. That puts him in conflict with the rest of the inhabited universe, directly causing the deaths of billions throughout his lifetime.


Galactus didn’t start out as a giant planet eater with a weird helmet. While there are beings in the Marvel Universe who have no real origin and have always existed, Galactus isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there is an explanation on where a giant planet-eating man in purple space armor came from. That origin was first introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in an out-of-continuity story, but the canon explanation was given in 1983’s Super-Villain Classics: Galactus the Origin #1 by Stan Lee, Mark Gruenwald, Ron Wilson, Bob Layton and Jack Kirby.

It seems that before the current universe existed, there was another universe that was dying. A scientist named Galan created a ship to try to find a way to save the universe. As the universe began to fall into the Big Crunch, Galen was offered the chance to merge with the Sentience of the Universe. In the process, he became the only survivor of his universe and came over to the new universe that formed from the Big Bang. Cocooned in a Cosmic Egg, Galen spent billions of years growing until the egg hatched and he came out as Galactus. With his rebirth came the hunger for planets that became his trademark.

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