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If you have been to school, and since you’re reading this we’re just going to assume that you have, then you know it kind of, well, sucks. One of the reasons it has always sucked so hard is the simple fact that there’s just no freedom and everything is structured. And the person behind all of that structure, making sure that you’re miserable every day while shuffling from class to class? The principal, of course. That guy just has it out for you, man.

But not all principals are total buzzkills whose sole intention is to ruin your fun and stick you in detention. Sadly, though, most of the awesome principals are fictional. Still, wouldn’t it be great to go to a school with any one of these principals running the show?


Yes, okay, so technically Professor Xavier is a headmaster, and his school isn’t exactly one you can just transfer into because you like the curriculum or the super hot teachers with unbelievable powers. To get into Xavier’s school, you have to be, you know, a mutant. But let’s pretend for a moment that you do, in fact, have some super powers (we’re betting you went with flight or telekinesis, right?). Can you imagine a cooler, more badass, balder principal than Charles Xavier?

The dude is one of the most renowned and respected mutants in the world and while he has the ability to read your mind and control your thoughts, he totally wouldn’t because he’s cool like that. Of course, at the same time his ability to read minds would make it awfully difficult to get away with any pranks or even think about cutting class. And if you do cut class, his truant officer has razor sharp claws and an attitude problem, so your ass better be in English class this afternoon. All in all, though, we think you could do a lot worse than having Professor X as your principal. Seriously, the only way he could possibly be better is if he was magic, and who ever heard of a magic principal?

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