8 Heroes More Powerful Than Superman To Add To The DCEU

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At the moment, Superman is by far the most powerful superhero in the DC Extended Universe. Confirmed future additions to the franchise include the likes of Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern, who will certainly give him a run for his money, but wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to have Superman being flat-out overpowered by a fellow hero in a live action universe? There are a number of interesting superheroes who could come into the franchise and supersede the Man of Steel as the most powerful force of good, while being genuinely worthwhile additions at the same time. Here are eight awesome such examples.

8. Ion

The Green Lantern Corps are coming to the DCEU in 2020. They’re a powerful bunch – all of the top individual Green Lanterns are generally considered to be around the same power level as Superman – but there is a power-up they can receive which puts them well beyond their standard levels. That power-up is Ion. Classically, Ion is the symbiotic entity that is the embodiment of willpower in the DC universe. Birthed from the green of the emotional spectrum, it grants a portion of its power to every being involved with the Green Lantern Corps, including the Guardians, the Green Lanterns themselves, the Corpse and the Manhunters. In times of need, it can attach itself to an individual host and grant it massive amounts of power. It would be awesome, in the DCEU, if the Green Lanterns were in dire need of help and the Ion entity attached itself to John Stewart, for example. His GL powers would be exponentially increased, but he would also effectively become an omnipotent god. He’d be able to alter time and reality itself in addition to having all of his standard GL powers – and what an awesome way that would be to defeat the big-bad of the franchise.

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