8 Insane Times Comic Villains Took Up A Hero’s Mantle

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The battle between good and evil is an ongoing one in the pages of most comic books. With super villains running rampant with nefarious plots, many comic readers have wondered why most heroes refuse to kill their notable arch rivals.

Well, besides crossing a line that would ultimately make them villains themselves, heroes usually believe in redemption, or the ability of one to atone for their past sins. Regardless of how dastardly the bad guy, nearly all heroes believe that anyone can turn a new leaf, and make up for their past indiscretions.

Some villains – like Deadpool and Quicksilver – do eventually redeem themselves, choosing to remain morally ambiguous in the process. Others, like Pied Piper and Clayface, got their act together and work alongside heroes for the greater good.

Then there are some who believe they can lead by example, determined to show they are better at saving the world than most heroes are. These villains take cosplaying a bit too far, as they discard their wardrobe and take up the mantles of regular heroes. It’s time to take a look at those who went out of their way to prove once and for all that being bad, is very much the new good.

8. Jason Todd Becomes The Dark(er) Knight

Jason Todd is probably the most insane member of the Bat Family. Todd, as the second Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Batman, was killed in horrific fashion by the Joker, only to be resurrected as the cold blooded vigilante called the Red Hood.

As the Red Hood, Jason feels that Batman’s refusal to kill is his true Achilles’ heel. Opting to go where Batman won’t, Red Hood uses his mercenary skills to be judge, jury, and executioner in the streets of Gotham.

When Bruce Wayne is thought to be dead after the events of Final Crisis, Jason sees this as an opportunity to pick up the cape and cowl, and do things his way. With no permission at all, Jason shows up in a custom Batsuit, and dual pistols, claiming to be Batman. This does not sit well with Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who isn’t aware that Todd has stolen the mantle.

Appalled by this Batman’s violent crime-fighting methods, which include the murdering of criminals, Grayson faces off with his former ally Jason, winning the ensuing battle and stripping Jason of the mantle. With Todd out of the picture, Grayson adopts the Batman moniker, keeping it safe for Bruce’s return.

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