A Mjighty Weapon 17 Of Thor’s Most Powerful Hammers

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When Thor debuted in the MCU, he was given Mjolnir, a legendary hammer forged in the heart of a dying star, to help him fight evil all across the Nine Realms. This was the first weapon he was given in the comics and has since become synonymous with the character. However, Thor is a character who was gone through a lot of changes both in the movies in the comics. Thor: Ragnarok just saw him lose his hammer, his eye, and a big portion of his cape. Because of this, the God of Thunder has learned to use several different weapons in his time.

On top of that, there are alternate versions of the God of Thunder who have variations of Mjolnir or different weapons entirely. Some of his other equipment is based in Norse mythology, while others were specifically created for the comics. The point here is that Thor is no slouch when it comes to using a diverse roster of hammers and other weapons. That said, we’re only concerned with the best pieces of equipment in his armory. Get ready on a serious history lesson of Thor as we rank his 17 most powerful hammers and weapons ever.


In an alternate reality, a zombie virus was exposed to the Marvel Universe. While the heroes of the world banded together to try and fight back the plague, it wasn’t long before every single one of them was turned into a flesh-eating monster. This included the God of Thunder himself, who was one of the deadlier zombies.

Being an undead zombie, though, he was no longer worthy of Mjolnir. Because of this, he had to obtain another hammer to use in battle. With that in mind, the zombie hammer is much less potent than Mjolnir. Not being exclusive to those who are worthy, it doesn’t come close to the power level of its predecessor. Zombie Thor was still quite dangerous, just not as strong as he was before.

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