A Mjighty Weapon 17 Of Thor’s Most Powerful Hammers

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The standard Marvel Universe isn’t the only reality that exists in the comics. Earth-616 exists in a realm known as the Multiverse, which has multiple timelines under its belt. Among them was a Marvel Universe that was stuck in the Middle Ages. In this reality, there was a being named Kulan Gath who ruled over it.

However, not everyone liked his leadership style, leading to a group called the Exiles to overthrow him.

Gath wasn’t going to go down with a fight, though. One of his guards was the Mighty Thor himself, albeit resembling a viking more than an Asgardian. In his hand was a variant of Mjolnir. It looked slightly different but seemed to function similarly. However, Thor was quickly dispatched by the Exiles, showing that this version of Mjolnir wasn’t that powerful.


Loki is known for using his magic to play tricks and transform the physical appearances of others. One such creation came from a young man by the name of Jeffrey Fischer who imagined him as the cover for his very first album. He was eventually put into a dream and needed to imagine someone to save them and he thought up the Deconsecrator who somehow embodied the vessel of Thor. Or something.

Thor’s hammer also received a few changes in his transformation into the Deconsecrator. In terms of its power level, the hammer didn’t change very much. Everything that it did differently was exclusive to its appearance. It gained more spikes and looked edgier to go along with the new design of Thor. If Loki were going to further torture his brother, wouldn’t it make more sense to turn him into something useless?

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