Battle Of The Brands 10 Times DC Blatantly Ripped Off Marvel (And 10 Times Marvel Got Them Back)

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It’s weird to think that anyone would rip off their competitor multiple decades after the creation of the original content, but DC has done that multiple times in the past year alone. Sideways and the Terrifics have been called DC’s answers to Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, some of Marvel’s most famous characters of all-time. The Terrifics’ similarities with their counterparts are especially striking.

First, there’s Mr. Terrific, a genius like Reed Richards. Ironically, the team has two characters that represent Richards in the aforementioned Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man, whose elasticity rivals that of Mr. Fantastic himself. Then, there are some parallels between Metamorpho and the Thing, and Phantom Girl is also fairly similar to Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.


Like many rip-offs, Black Cat’s outfit, character description, and especially her name bear a striking resemblance to a previously established character. In this case, DC’s Catwoman had made a name for herself since she debuted in Batman #1 in 1940. So, while there wasn’t necessarily a need for another feminine, feline-based villain, Marvel still wanted to feed off of Catwoman’s success — hence, Black Cat.

Marvel introduced the world to Felicia Hardy in 1979, and the Catwoman connection was fairly clear. Hardy’s skin-tight black outfit, and criminal background are blatant “tributes” to Selina Kyle. Plus, both Hardy and Kyle are love interests of famous heroes (Spider-Man and Batman, respectively).

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