Black Panther The 15 Craziest Versions You Never Knew Existed

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The primary continuity which we follow the Marvel universe (both cinematic and the comic book world) through is Earth-616. If the main version of the Earth that we are following is the 616th version of the Earth — with hundreds upon hundreds more being available in other universes — just imagine how many different versions, timelines, and universes there are in the Marvel Universe, especially in the case of its characters. Imagine literally any character within the Marvel Universe; whether they be a superhero, a supervillain, or some obscure gray area that lies in between. No matter who we think of, there is an infinite number of alternate versions of that very same character.

Take the character of Black Panther for example. The average iteration of Black Panther is T’Challa, the ruler of Wakanda, powers akin to a feline, etc. Essentially, the Earth-616 version of Black Panther is exactly the Black Panther that we get in the latest movie. However, that is just one Black Panther on one version of the earth on one universe. There are several other versions of Black Panther which hail from many different universes. Here are just a few versions of Black Panther than even the most hardcore fans of the character probably do not know about.


On Earth-161, Storm undergoes a transmodification process that removes all of her adult memories. Storm is then placed into storage as a form of all energy by the mutant Pipeline. Tony Stark attempts to release Storm back into her physical form, but inadvertently caused her body to separate from her memories and energy state.

The all energy and memory form of her took on the name Ghost Panther after Tony gave her a suit that resembled that of Black Panther.

Along with the X-Men, Morlocks, and Archangel, Ghost Panther managed to vanquish the evil version of Storm and the evil forces within Wakanda. While maintaining a good relationship with both the X-Men and The Avengers, Ghost Panther went on to become the new ruler of Wakanda.

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