Cannon Fodder 15 List Marvel Heroes Who Deserved Better Deaths

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Hector Ayala, the first hero to take on the mantle of the White Tiger, originally appeared in “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” from the creative team of Bill Mantlo and George Perez — Marvel Bronze Age royalty. Through the use of his Jade Tiger amulets he could transform into the White Tiger, with his street-level crime fighting bringing him into conflict with numerous gangs and thugs, as well as heroes such as Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Aside from his brief solo run in “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu,” all Hector’s appearances came as a guest star, normally featuring him dealing with bad luck and great challenges. He eventually retired from the superhero business after nearly being killed, having overcome a physical addiction to the power of the amulets.Unfortunately, Hector — like Scott Lang before him — had reckoned without Brian Bendis. Bendis brought Hector into his run on “Daredevil,” portraying a desperate, beaten-down man who was eventually gunned down by Police officers.


It’s hard to view the death of Trey Rollins as anything other than a huge missed opportunity. The teen hero known as Aegis was killed before anything of note had been achieved with his character, despite his great potential. Created by Jay Faerber and Steve Scott for their relaunch of the “New Warriors” in 1999, Trey was a Brooklyn teenager who found a mythical breastplate that could absorb and redirect energy from attacks. He became a hero to local kids, a member of the New Warriors and the official champion of the Greek Goddess Athena — all story avenues with great possibilities.

Sadly, all this potential would come to nothing. Aside from a brief appearance in “X-Factor” during the “Civil War” crossover, Aegis was not seen anywhere else after the cancellation of “New Warriors.” When he did make his return, in the pages of “The Incredible Hercules,” it was short lived. Aegis jumped out of a twelfth-floor window, confident that his breastplate and his Goddess would protect him. Unfortunately, he was quickly proven wrong.

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