Death Proof 20 Most Ridiculous Things Deadpool Has Survived

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Deadpool is known for being the Merc with a Mouth — too witty for his own good but a fighter who can certainly hold his own ground should he ever get in trouble. What makes Deadpool so dangerous isn’t just the fact that he’s a well-trained mercenary as much as it is that he can never really die and often has the ability to regenerate his body at an unbelievable rate. Even though he often looks like a pizza got stepped on with soccer cleats, his body is really normal comparatively to other Marvel humans who’ve been trained to the same extent. His superpower is simple being immortal.

There have been some events in the Deadpool series, however, that are too difficult to believe. How on earth could any super human, especially Deadpool, survive that? In some incarnations his regenerative powers outmatch super humans like the Wolverine in how utterly unbelievable they are. He’s done everything from missing a couple limbs to being torn to complete shreds, and yet he still keeps coming back. All the while he does this utilizing his usual crude humor. Here are 20 things we cannot believe Deadpool was able to survive no matter what his ability is able to do.


Carnage is called “carnage” with very good reason, as he is perhaps one of Marvel’s goriest and most frightening villains in the entire Marvel Universe. Keep in mind that Carnage was created to be more of a darker version of the beloved Venom as he held no morals with all the symbiote’s powers. Really messed up stuff right? Well, when it comes to fighting Deadpool, it only gets worse. After all, Carnage is one of those characters that just loves blood splatters and horror and Deadpool is the man who can keep on giving that gift.

Carnage realizes that Deadpool has his regenerative healing abilities, so this peaks his interest. Slowly, he starts to dissect Deadpool who would have to continuously regrow his body, letting the cycle repeat itself. It’s very sickening stuff, but not something our merc hasn’t gone through before. Unfortunately, while Deadpool can regrow his body parts, it doesn’t mean that he can’t feel pain and we’re pretty sure that had to have hurt. The Deadpool comics are often known as the more adult-themed books of Marvel and with this short scene we can clearly see why — these were some of the most grotesque panels we’ve ever seen before.


We all know the popular phrase “Hulk smash!” when it comes to everyone’s beloved green-skinned hero, but no one can understand what that phrase feels like except Deadpool. That’s right, the Hulk pretty much annihilated Deadpool in one particular instance and it really wasn’t pretty. The best part about this is that Deadpool decided this was a good idea and chose to fight the Hulk. We all remember what happened to Loki when he underestimated the Hulk right? Keep in mind, Loki is literally a frost giant who would stand more of a chance than Wade.

While Wade has regeneration abilities and is otherwise immortal, he doesn’t really have any particular super power that gives him any kind of buffer when fighting someone like the Hulk. In a lot of ways, Deadpool is just a normal, human mercenary that just happens to look like hamburger meat when it comes to his face and body. Of course, he’s skilled in combat, but what good would that do him against someone like the Hulk? You can only imagine how bad it was when the Hulk finally swung one, single large fist right at Deadpool and practically pulverized him into nothing. That is the literal might of the Hulk and we honestly don’t know how Wade survived that.

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