Fantastic Four The 14 Strongest FF Members (And 1 Who Could End Them)

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With a name like Fantastic Four, you’d be forgiven for thinking you knew just how many members the team has, and while it’s true that they (mostly) stick to just the four members at any given time, those individual members have changed considerably over the years. First created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, the Fantastic Four ushered in a new age of superheroes for Marvel Comics, and Fantastic Four #1 is largely seen as the start of the modern Marvel universe that we know and love today.

The original four members — Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm and Reed Richards — make up the core, most popular iteration of the Fantastic Four, but there have been many times throughout the last six decades where members of Marvel’s First Family have quit, died, or otherwise stepped down from their role in the team, meaning that by this point in time, there have been numerous heroes that have been a member of the Fantastic Four. It’s no simple task either: the FF are renowned for taking on grand, cosmic threats like Galactus and the multiversal incursions, so only the strongest, most powerful heroes can claim to be good enough for a spot on the team. Join us as we take a look back over the hundreds of issues of the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” to determine the 14 Most Powerful Members of the Fantastic Four, as well as highlighting the one member so overpowered they could end them all!


The most powerful member of the original team, Susan Storm has come the farthest in term of character development over the years, going from the damsel in distress that would turn invisible when threats emerged, to the fierce and strong matriarch of the family with the power to pop air bubbles in your brain and destroy a Celestial with her force fields.

Sue married fellow FF member Reed Richards in 1965, and have since had two children, Franklin and Valeria Richards. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is her younger brother, and, as the Invisible Woman, Sue has often been listed as one of the strongest female characters in the Marvel universe.

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