God Slayers 15 Marvel Mortals Who Have Defeated A Deity

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Marvel Comics has been publishing books containing fantastical characters for decades. Every year, new characters are introduced and their power levels tend to increase as time goes by. It didn’t take Marvel long to jump from its superhero format into the cosmos with the creation of characters including Galactus, Eternity and many others who are considered gods. Don’t worry, we will get to what makes a character a god in a moment, but even though these characters are in some ways deities, many of them have been beaten… badly. It doesn’t necessarily take a god to beat a god either, many mortals have accomplished the feat.

For this list, we do need to delve into what makes a Marvel character a god. Over the years, the publisher has played a little fast and loose with the definition. If a character is immensely powerful and seemingly invincible, they are not necessarily a god — we are focusing primarily on the difference between an immortal and a mortal. So, if someone were to, say, pick up an item capable of making them immortal for a brief period of time, they don’t technically qualify as a god for this list. Now that we got that out of the way, here are 15 Marvel Mortals Who Defeated A God.


If you are unfamiliar with the character Sentry, he is the Marvel version of what Superman’s power might look like, if he were on some sort of Kryptonian steroids his entire life. He is said to possess the “power of one million exploding suns” though he is somewhat hampered by severe agoraphobia and his dark side called The Void. During the Siege event, Ares found himself battling Ares one-on-one in Asgard.

Ares is the Greek God of War who was suddenly attacked by Sentry after vowing to kill Norman Osborn. In an instant, The Void takes over and with very little effort, he bifurcates the God of War, literally ripping him in half. Everyone surrounding Sentry stares on in horror at the sudden and unexpected carnage. Superheroes usually just beat each other up, making his actions somewhat out of the norm. Sentry’s death is ranked as one of the most horrible deaths in Marvel Comics.

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