Infinity War 15 Crazy Panels From The Comics Too Impossible For The Big Screen

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There have been countless think pieces over the years about why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so successful. Fans and critics wonder what secrets they hold to make a sustainable universe while rival attempts just keep floundering. Turns out, the various writers and directors of the MCU have learned to walk the fine line between adaptation and innovation. They must adapt famous comic characters and storylines and be true to the source material so that what we see on-screen is recognizable. At the same time, they must change things up enough to make it accessible to casual viewers and provide some genuine surprises to comic fans.

It’s no secret that they have been insanely successful so far. And judging by the commercial and critical reception to Avengers: Infinity War, it looks like that will continue. But comics fans can’t help but ask the same question The Watcher would: “what if?” Infinity War adapted the original Infinity Gauntlet comic. However, they made some major changes, meaning there are plenty of moments from the original comic that will never make it onscreen. And some of these are cooler than anything we’ve seen so far! Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to check out Infinity Gauntlet panels we didn’t see on-screen but wanted to!


One of the things that was very interesting about the on-screen Thanos in Infinity War is that he had his own kind of warped rationality. He genuinely believed that by cutting the universal population in half, he was going to be helping out the various planets that might otherwise have to fight over limited resources. In the comic, Thanos was literally trying to impress Death, who is portrayed as a woman that he is in love with. Therefore, a lot of the crazier stuff Thanos does in the Infinity Gauntlet comic was things that he thought might somehow impress her. In this panel, we can see a pretty literal version of this.

With the power to reshape the universe at his command, it seems that the first thing Thanos does is make the universe acknowledge him as a “god.” This makes for a creepy, character-building moment for Thanos, but it also provokes some interesting theological questions: in a world where characters like Thor and Odin really are acknowledged as gods, wouldn’t someone much more powerful than them have even more of a right to that title? However, as Thanos comes to find out, it’s tough to maintain this level of power indefinitely!

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