Infinity War: 8 Things They Got Right About Thanos And The Black Order (And 7 They Got Wrong)

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Thanos is easily the most important villain within the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been a few that could stand next to him, but for the most part many of the MCU villains have been easily thrown away if needed. Whereas with Thanos, it was clear that he needed to be on an entirely separate level. Combined with his emotional back story with his two daughters Gamora and Nebula, the MCU has cemented him as one of the most understandable antagonists that the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy have faced off against.

But he wasn’t on his own in his quest to find all of the Infinity Stones, he was backed up by his own group of fighters, the Black Order. And although the Black Order (or the Children of Thanos as they’re called in the film) are a relatively recent addition to the Marvel Universe, coming to life in 2013, they still managed to be a set of worthy opponents for the Avengers. Some things the Russo Brothers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely got completely correct, whilst other elements of these characters didn’t make the cut. Here’s eight things they got right about Thanos and the Black Order, as well as seven they got wrong.


Or rather, the lack of any speech from the hulking member of the Black Order. When he’s first introduced onboard the Sanctuary II he’s just an imposing figure. But once he travels to Earth with Ebony Maw, it’s very clear that he’s all muscle and no brain. Ebony Maw orders him around like the hired help rather than as a team mate. He’s simply ordered around by the others and barely speaks. He might grumble the occasional word but he doesn’t speak in full sentences apart from roaring.

It’s a shame since in the comics he’s depicted as a genuinely intelligent tactician.

And in the comics when he assaults Wakanda, there is a moment where it looks like he might actually succeed by himself. Unfortunately for Black Dwarf, the Wakandans fought a fierce fight and he was pushed back, and since failure isn’t something Thanos takes lightly, he was expelled from the Black Order. Whereas during Infinity War, he’s simply a large villain that destroys a lot, which is disappointing given that the potential for his character was definitely there. It would’ve been a nice twist on the usual stereotype if the big hulking monster was the incredibly intelligent member of the team.

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