Old Man Logan The 15 Best Moments From The Comic

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Wolverine’s latest big screen adventure — “Logan” — is killing it with fans and critics alike. Set in a post-super-hero world, the flick is being praised for its gritty and heart-wrenching depiction of the clawed Canadian. Equal parts grim, bleak and brutal, “Logan” might be a first for superhero cinema, but it owes its tone to a story that came out almost a decade ago.

“Wolverine: Old Man Logan” from writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, was the first time an old and weary Wolverine had featured in his own story. Set in a post-superhero future where the supervillains had won, the bitter tale followed an elderly Wolverine as he went on a cross-country road trip with Hawkeye for some extra cash to pay off Logan’s gamma-powered landowners. Although melancholy in tone, “Old Man Logan” was full of explosive action and many truly memorable moments. Join us as we count down 15 of the best from Millar and McNiven’s iconic story line.


As well as an elderly Wolverine, “Old Man Logan” also treated us to a ragged Hawkeye. Acting as an optimistic foil to Logan’s constant pessimism and objections is the former Avenger and master archer. Largely ignored by the supervillains after their ascent to power, the Hawkeye of this broken future is blind and more unhinged than his other incarnations. Even without his eyesight, the Hawkeye of “Old Man Logan” is an efficient killing machine.

This is revealed in the story’s second chapter, when Logan and Hawkeye are attacked by a gang of bikers who call themselves “The Ghost Riders.” Since Logan is no help in the fight — when the story opens he has taken an oath not to pop his claws or hurt another living soul — Hawkeye is forced to step up to the plate and easily dispatches the thugs. Using only his sense of hearing, the archer sends a swift arrow through each of the biker’s heads.


Like the name implies, the Spider-Mobile can do whatever a spider can. Built by Johnny Storm, the Spider-Mobile is Logan and Hawkeye’s ride on their road trip through the supervillain ruled wasteland that America has become. Although it may look like just a regular open-topped jeep — albeit with Spider-Man’s red and webbed motif — The Spider-Mobile saves Wolverine and Logan more than a few times during the pages of “Wolverine: Old Man Logan.”

Gifted with spider-like grip, this handy vehicle is able to drive directly up vertical surfaces. Logan and Hawkeye use this ability a few times: first to escape the subterranean lair of some rabid moloids and later when Logan is forced to rescue Clint from his murderous daughter — who, as luck would have it, fancies herself the new Spider-Man. Not too sluggish on the flat road either, Logan and Hawkeye also use the car to outrun a Venom-powered T-Rex… but more on that later.


One of the most interesting and intriguing parts of the original “Old Man Logan” story was how the heroes of the regular Marvel Universe fit into the post-apocalyptic wasteland Millar and McNiven had created. Although Thor was nowhere to be seen in the story, his hammer made a notable appearance. In the story’s second chapter, Logan and Hawkeye arrive in “Hammer Falls,” Nevada. As well as being home to Hawkeye’s ex-wife, the bustling settlement plays host to the God of Thunder’s magical hammer, Mjolnir.

Mjolnir rests in the centre of the town, surrounded by a flock of devout pilgrims who all worship and pray to the magic hammer. The number one tourist attraction in all of America, the fallen god’s weapon of choice attracts pilgrims from far and wide, eager for the day when their beloved super-heroes will return. Not only a stunning visual centrepiece, the fallen Mjolnir is a strong symbol of what “Old Man Logan” is all about.

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