Old Man Logan The 15 Best Moments From The Comic

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In the world of “Old Man Logan,” the robotic enemy of the avengers is a humble car mechanic working in “Hammer Falls,” Nevada. Nothing like his villainous regular universe counterpart, Ultron 8 is polite and surprisingly helpful. Appearing in the waning pages of “Old Man Logan’s” second chapter, Ultron 8 runs into Logan and Hawkeye as the pair are passing through “Hammer Falls.” Relieved to see Hawkeye, Ultron 8 urges him to speak to Tonya, who happens to be Hawkeye’s third ex-wife.

After speaking with his ex, Hawkeye finds out his daughter is in danger and is being imprisoned by the Kingpin. Determined to make up for being a lousy father, Hawkeye convinces Logan to help him rescue his daughter in what will almost certainly be a suicide mission. Before they leave “Hammer Falls” to embark on the rescue mission, Ultron 8 hands Logan a good luck token; a small key-ring emblazoned with a black X on a bright-red background.


“Wolverine: Old Man Logan” ends and begins with the same striking image: a rugged looking Logan riding a horse. Clad in a long duster jacket, leather boots and a wide-brimmed hat, Wolverine in “Old Man Logan” is rebranded as a retired X-man; a grizzled wasteland warrior. Although not a specific moment as such, the image of cowboy Logan on horseback is very much a visual representation of the story’s tone and appeal, particularly as this story is known as Wolverine meets “Unforgiven.”

Indeed, the genius of Millar and McNiven’s tale is how it takes the familiar trappings of the Marvel Universe and gives them all the “Mad Max” treatment. The bad guys are barbaric and cruel, the good guys are jaded and weary, and everyone else is just doing their best not to end up dead. No other image really sums this up — as well as injecting a little bit of hope into this bitter narrative — better then a dust covered Logan riding into the sunset on his trusty steed.

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