Old Man Logan The 15 Best Moments From The Comic

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On their journey to “New Babylon,” Logan and Clint meet a particularly business-minded hero in the form of the “new” Ant-Man. Although only just a kid, this new Ant-Man guards a bridge, demanding that anyone wishing to cross pays him the hefty toll of 80 cents. Failure to pay up will result in being attacked by ferocious hordes of ants. Although not officially handed the mantle, the new Ant-Man — who goes by the name of Dwight — wears one of Hank Pym’s old helmets and claims that he can command the tiny insects.

Although Logan doesn’t see the point of paying Dwight — given that he is, after all, just a small child and not at all intimidating —  Hawkeye humors the young hero and pays the toll. No doubt to add a little darkness to an otherwise light moment, the scene ends on a shot of a pile of skulls underneath Dwight’s bridge. Turns out 80 cents is a small price to pay to be spared the wrath of Ant-Man!


In the twisted future of “Old Man Logan,” Salt Lake City’s Rice-Eccles Stadium — as well as a large chunk of the United States — is controlled by the Kingpin. Instead of using the stadium for its intended purpose or simply leaving it to decay, the criminal mastermind uses the sporting arena as his own personal colosseum; a stage to enact vengeance on those who would dare defy him.

When we first meet Kingpin in “Old Man Logan,” he watches on as two rookie heroes — one dressed like Daredevil, the other dressed like the Punisher — are chained up in the center of the stadium and left to a pack of rabid velociraptors. Not surprisingly, the ravenous dinos make short work of the costumed vigilantes, tearing them apart in a blood-drenched frenzy. Although a brutal sport, Kingpin’s “subjects” — for lack of a better word — love it; cheering loudly as the crime-fighting pair become dino-chow. In this quick scene, Millar and McNiven remind us just how brutal this future world can really be.

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