Rage Against The Green Machine 15 Hulks Ranked From Least Angriest To Most

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Of all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe, there are none more terrifying than the Hulk. While Bruce Banner often helps fight the good fight with the rest of the Avengers, he is a dangerous wildcard. Get him angry enough, and he could easily Hulk out and destroy an entire city in a matter of hours. Unfortunately for the people of the Marvel Universe, Bruce Banner is not the only Hulk to appear in the pages. Throughout the years, there are several other people who have also been turned into an enormous rage monster, as well as alternate universes that have even more sinister versions of the character.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all Hulks are heroes. Many of them have embraced their angrier sides and turned into all-out villains. Even the entire strength of the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Inhumans can’t bring them down. They are the most dangerous creatures in the entire universe. To fight a Hulk is to sentence oneself to an immediate death. With all of the angry Hulks that appear in comics, we are going through 15 of the most dangerous in the entire Marvel Multiverse. Don’t mention puny Banner as we count them down.


The first Hulk on our list comes from “All-New All-Different” Marvel. With this rebooted Marvel Universe, the company decided to introduce a new Hulk to the pages. Dubbing this version the Totally Awesome Hulk, it was revealed that the man behind the giant was Amadeus Cho rather than Bruce Banner.

Amadeus wanted to become a better, smarter, and calmer Hulk than Bruce, and largely succeeded.

He was much more efficient and had a better handle on his powers. That said, he was limited in the strength he could achieve because he didn’t allow himself to become so angry. That said, things are quickly changing for the new Hulk after he made his way to Sakaar to figure out a way to contain the monster inside.

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