Rage Against The Green Machine 15 Hulks Ranked From Least Angriest To Most

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It wasn’t long before Bruce Banner had another Hulk in the world. His cousin, Jennifer Walters, had gotten in contact with some of Banner’s DNA and ended up absorbing a portion of the gamma radiation as a result. Because of this, she turned into her own version of the Hulk, albeit without the sheer level of radiation that her cousin had.

Jennifer became known as She-Hulk and was a powerful character. However, she had a much better handle on the Hulk persona than her cousin did. Purposefully able to be more level-headed, Jennifer did become a fearsome foe when she let her temper get the best of her. She was also able to increase her strength by working out, and was a lot stronger than she looked.


Believe it or not, the Hulk ended up having a son. While he was on Sakaar, he had a relationship with one of the locals there. They had a child, but it wasn’t born until after the entire planet was destroyed. Without parents to raise him, Skaar was raised by wild creatures and learned that the only way to survive was by killing others.

When it came time for him to come to Earth, he was ready to go against the Hulk and fight his father.

That said, Skaar’s anger and power couldn’t compare to his father’s. That said, Skaar was a variant of the Hulk that would stab first and ask questions later. As a descendant of Sakaar, he was very adept at using weapons and caused a lot of issues down the road.

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