Symbi-Nope The 15 Grossest Facts About Venom’s Costume

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As soon as Spider-Man donned that black, alien costume back in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, fans knew that this was the start of a new era for the wall-crawler. What no one could foresee, however, was that from those humble beginnings would arise one of the greatest villains in Marvel comics history. The costume, by itself, first appeared in 1984, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #252, and it would slowly emerge that the black suit was actually a sentient alien symbiote. Finally, four years later, Eddie Brock — the new host for the alien costume — would emerge on the final page of ASM #299, and Venom was born.

Since those early days, Venom has gone from strength the strength as a villain-turned-anti-hero, not only in the pages of Spider-Man but in the wider Marvel Universe. His iconic black and white design, giant physique and truly deadly streak made him a force to be reckoned with. Of course, his giant, jagged teeth, long slithering tongue and oily black skin also helped to add a touch of gross horror to Spider-Man comics. Venom has endured for the last 30 years due to being cool and powerful, but also because he’s scary, intimidating and just plain icky. Here are the 15 grossest things about Venom’s costume!


One of the biggest parts of Venom’s appeal is in his ability to drag Spider-Man comics into the dark and gritty alleyways of the horror genre. While it’s since been established that the symbiote race — known as Klyntar — isn’t naturally violent, the Venom symbiote was tested on and dosed with chemicals that increased its aggression, leading it to such horrific acts as, well, eating people.

It’s always played as a weak moment for the symbiote host, but when Venom eats people he sure does put those giant teeth to work. Whether it’s ripping whole arms off people or munching down on a torso or two, while Venom has never been a serial killer like Carnage, it’s clear that when pushed to it, the symbiote isn’t afraid to get some gristle between its teeth.

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