Symbi-Nope The 15 Grossest Facts About Venom’s Costume

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There’s no reason to have a tongue that size if you’re not going to put it to good use. With the ability to wrap itself around its enemies and grasp weapons — as well as pull its next meal closer to its doom — Venom’s tongue is one of the grossest parts of its body just when looking at it. Add in the fact that it acts like it has a mind of its own and it’s downright terrifying.

Artists over the years, when choosing to exaggerate Venom’s features, always seem to focus on the tongue and the teeth, and with good reason. They’re the parts that most separate the character from its nemesis Spider-Man, by feeding into (pun intended) its base, animalistic urges. You can tell if Venom’s back to being evil when you see that long, slippery horror extend from its jaw.


It’s one thing to come across Venom in a fight, but it’s another thing entirely when the symbiote fires off pieces of itself towards you, like little bullets made of black goo. Not only can Venom control these pieces of itself, but it can send them into its enemies’ mouths and smother them from the inside out.

Most recently, the Venom symbiote was used by a low level thug known as Lee Price, who overpowered the symbiote mentally and forced it to do his bidding. He shot black goo at his cohorts and transformed them into his “inklings,” and did the same to Black Cat and a number of other high profile criminal gang members throughout New York. This sort of projected mind-control led to him taking over the criminal underground for a short time.

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