Thanos 8 Alternate Versions More Powerful Than The Original (And 7 That Are Weaker)

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Thanos, often referred to as the Mad Titan, is one of the most powerful and feared villains in the entirety of Marvel Comics. Heralding from the race known as the Eternals, Thanos was something of a mutant to his kind. The deviant gene within him changed his physiology and granted him abilities beyond anything previous Eternals possessed. Fashioning himself into a cosmic juggernaut, Thanos became infatuated with Mistress Death. Ever since the Mad Titan was a boy, he yearned to appease her and quested to destroy everyone he could just to gain her approval. He continues that trend to this day so he can receive a glance of affection from her.

To that end, Thanos has experimented on and augmented himself, boosting his power to new heights. With this tremendous power, there are few beings in the whole universe that can, or want, to challenge him. However, once he learned about the Infinity Gauntlet, that’s where Thanos’ legend truly began and his name became feared for all time. Yet, because of the multiverse the Marvel Universe inhabits, there is a wide range of alternate versions of Thanos. Today at CBR we’re looking at some alternate versions of Thanos and seeing which iterations are the stronger and weaker of the bunch.


The Ultimate Universe is notorious for having its characters be substantially weaker than as seen in the regular Marvel Universe. Thanos proved a rare exception to the rule. This Thanos was on the cusp of godhood and nearly conquered the universe 30,000 years earlier. Flash forward and it’s left to the Fantastic Four to deal with him.

Despite their own immense powers, they’re nothing before Ultimate Thanos. Still thirsting for unlimited might, this Thanos has a great range of abilities, including vast super strength, cosmic awareness that lets him see events happening several star systems away, and mind control; he could use the victim to channel his powers until his mind killed the host body. Additionally, Thanos had energy blasts, could resurrect himself whenever he wanted after dying, and would always come back more powerful depending on how long he’d chosen to stay dead.

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