Thanos 8 Alternate Versions More Powerful Than The Original (And 7 That Are Weaker)

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Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, has lead a pretty interesting life. The cousin to Bruce Banner, the Hulk, after she received a blood transfusion from her family member, she discovered she too could hulk out. A lawyer by trade, when she’s not righting wrongs in court, she’s taking to the streets, or the universe, and battling it out with superpowered miscreants. In She-Hulk #13, Jennifer found herself battling a clone of Thanos.

There’s a lot of build up and exposition, but what matters is that this isn’t the real Thanos, but a synthetic duplicate. This false Thanos came with falsified memories he tried to use to get the Avenger Starfox in trouble. Ultimately, She-Hulk fights, and defeats, the Thanos clone. Though the clone was mighty in its own right, it wasn’t quite as powerful as the real deal.


With so many versions of Thanos, you’d hope at least one of them would fight for the good guys. In Thanos #10, that’s exactly what happened. In the only instance he joined the Avengers without having to slay someone to get the position, Thanos was purposefully sent to this alternate reality so he could live out his days as a hero, the opposite of everything he genuinely desires.

In the aforementioned issue, Thanos is considered one of Earth’s greatest champions and is actually pretty happy about his station in life. Alas, it doesn’t take long for the Mad Titan to realize he’s in a fictional reality that was constructed by the The Sisters of Eternity. In a moment akin to, and yet opposite to, It’s A Wonderful Life, they offer Thanos a life as a hero in exchange for his power. Thanos declines and wills himself back to reality.

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