Thanos The Mad Titan’s 10 Most Heroic Acts (And His 10 Most Villainous)

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We’ll stop several light years short of calling Thanos an admirable father figure, but he does take on Gamora as his ward. This being Thanos, he gives Gamora a home with the aim of turning her into the most dangerous woman in the universe, but in the end, isn’t that basically what all parents want? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, as even Christmas gift-giving of toy dolls clearly supports Thanos’ ulterior aims to manipulate a Gamora devoted to his rule.

Still, Thanos remains surprisingly committed to giving Gamora the sense of family and holiday. After an attempted assassination on Thanos results in the incineration of Gamora’s new present, Thanos even promises to buy her a new one. And Thanos commits to watching dolphins with Gamora per her request. Somebody get this man a father of the year coffee mug!


While you can make a strong case that Professor X is a big old creep, it’s hard to say even his alternate earth counterpart deserved the fate Thanos and his Black Order held in store. During the Jonathan Hickman orchestrated events of New Avengers and Avengers, Thanos joined with a cabal including Terrax and Namor to literally destroy worlds before the impending multiversal incursion destroyed their own reality.

A view into one such world reveals the final moments of Thanos’ attack on the X-Men. Thanos drops the skulls of Professor Xavier’s generals (and supporting characters in Hickman’s time writing Ultimates) Xorn and Zorn at his feet. Professor X is left with a swift mercy killing as his only out, a fact that delights the sadistic Thanos.

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