The 15 Most HORRIBLE Deaths In Marvel Comics

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Death in comics. We all know it’s pretty much a temporary problem for heroes and villains alike, but when it happens, it’s usually not a peaceful death. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: when you live by the cape, you die by the cape. While many heroes and villains have succumbed to violent deaths over the years, there have definitely been some that were a little over the top.

When we started, we were going to do a list of the most violent deaths in all comics, but there have been so many great examples over the years, we decided to knock out this as a Marvel list with more coming from some smaller publishing houses next. Of course, many of these folks didn’t remain dead, as is normal for comics (and in fact, some of them had healing factors, so they almost immediately came back), but that doesn’t mean they went out quietly. Here are the 15 most violent, horrific, gruesome and brutal deaths in Marvel Comics.


Like the death of Gwen Stacey, the killing of Elektra had a lasting impact on the life of Matt Murdock, aka, Daredevil. Elektra was renowned as the greatest assassin in the world, but it was her status as the former lover of Murdock that brought conflict into her and Daredevil’s lives since she was one of his primary antagonists. When Elektra and Bullseye apply for the position of the Kingpin’s top assassin, they are pitted against one another to see who is best. The survivor will get the job while the dead one will be… well, dead (you see where this is going). Bullseye is sicced on Elektra after she failed to kill Foggy Nelson and the game is on.

The two battle through “Daredevil” #181, written and penciled by Frank Miller. While the match is nearly equal, Bullseye is able to get a hold of one of Elektra’s sais, which he thrusts through her chest. She doesn’t die right away but instead makes it to Matt’s apartment where she dies in his arms. The death weighed heavily on Murdock and remains one of the most significant in Marvel Comics… even though she eventually came back to life.

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