The 15 Most Off The Rails Avengers Stories Ever

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The life of a superhero can get a little wacky sometimes. As such, it takes a really special story to break through the background haze of baseline insanity and register as truly off the wall. After all, when your daily routine involves hanging out with gods and throwing cars at guys with purple hoods glued to their heads, your sense of normality becomes slightly skewed. What can possibly phase you after an experience like that? Why not ask the Avengers? They first came together in 1963, to “fight the foes that no single super hero could withstand.” Fifty-five years on and the Avengers have most definitely seen a thing or two — or three, or 12 — across all sorts of media, from movies to cartoons to, of course, the original comic books.

For the purposes of this list, we’re going to keep our focus on the comics. Here, we’ll spotlight 15 stories that were enough to make even veteran crimefighters like the Avengers throw up their hands and call it a day. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have undergone many changes over the years, but as this list will demonstrate, one thing remains reassuringly constant: their ability to get themselves into — and out of — some entertainingly zany situations.


“The Crossing” was released in 1995 and has been baffling readers ever since. Part of the problem is that several prominent story elements were later retconned to close plot holes and/or appease irritated fans. For example, “The Crossing” reveals that Kang has been controlling Iron Man’s mind for years.  This was later changed so Kang was really Immortus pretending to be Kang. Kang’s minions, meanwhile, may or may not be the Scarlet Witch’s lost sons, except it turns out they’re actually Space Phantoms.

And hey, while we’re at it, why not make some other prominent characters Space Phantoms too? Also, the Wasp becomes an actual wasp for some reason. Come to think of it, maybe it was a little unfair to include “The Crossing” on this list.  The whole story is so confusing that we can’t even tell if it’s crazy or not.

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