The 15 Most WTF Moments From DC Rebirth (So Far)

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One of the biggest surprises leading in to DC Universe Rebirth was the revelation that some of the New 52 Superman’s powers went into others, including Lois Lane. As one of the first Rebirth series to kick off, Superwoman seemingly followed the exploits of this newly powered Lois Lane and her mission to continue what her Superman had started. That was, of course, until she died in the series’ first issue.

Of course, the whole thing was a misdirect, and the Superwoman moniker would be picked up by Lana Lang in the issues to follow. But, how much of a tease is that? A Lois Lane not beholden to Superman and with a power all her own? Sounds great, but when we look at the events that have happened in recent Superman issues, we can understand why she was killed off. But we’ll get to that.


One of the first important crossovers of DC Universe Rebirth came in the form of the Steve Orlando-scripted “Night of the Monster Men,” a story that saw citizens of Gotham transformed into grotesque, giant monsters by Hugo Strange and a monster serum. The crossover took over the pages of “Batman,” “Detective Comics” and “Nightwing,” and really just got weirder from there.

Though, the weirdest part would have to be when Nightwing himself is transformed into a disgusting beast, and in his vicious rage turns on his allies. He’s cured, of course, but not before readers are treated to page after page of wonderfully nasty monsters slobbering and sliming all over Gotham. Sure, the concept was out there, but the execution and feeling of importance in the miniseries brings across the whole point of DC Universe Rebirth, for us to care about these characters again. And what better way then to crack a Hugo Strange story from “Batman #1” wide open? Yes, that “Batman #1.”

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