The 15 Most WTF Moments From DC Rebirth (So Far)

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Speaking of Nightwing, he can’t really catch a break. In recent issues of his solo series, Professor Pyg creates Deathwing, a puppet assassin version of Dick Grayson, sporting the infamous red suit from his New 52 incarnation. While Deathwing as a concept isn’t new to Rebirth (the character appeared as an evil, future version of Grayson in past “Teen Titans”series), this version is particularly, well, as grotesque as the Monster Men.

Deathwing has a sidekick, too, in the form of a doll-ized version of Damian Wayne, and the former Batman and Robin duo team up to take down Pyg and in turn these new clones. Deathwing sees a soft side to the Damian doll and, of course, kills him, revealing his more violent nature to the duo and sending Nightwing in a continued fury on Pyg, led by the fact that he had captured his new (possibly pregnant) girlfriend. We feel for you, Dick.


While the current “Batman Beyond” series is fairly removed from the general DC continuity, it still calls back to things from its past, most notable of which is the dynamic between Bruce Wayne and The Joker, despite the two being seemingly well into their elderly years. The first arc of the series had Terry McGinnis returning to the cowl to take down the Jokerz gang’s plot to revive the original Joker who was actually Bruce Wayne dressed up and made to look like The Joker, in an attempt for the Jokerz leader, Terminal, to fool his entire crew and retain power.

That’s all well and good, but when Terry rescues Bruce from the clutches of the gang, he learns that The Joker is actually still alive, pulling the strings on everything once again. Here’s hoping for a slow, but surely badass confrontation between the retired rivals.

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