The 20 Strongest Alien Species In The Marvel Universe Officially Ranked

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The Marvel Universe is huge, spanning galaxies, realities, and dimensions. While many of the adventures that the Marvel characters partake in occur on Earth, there are decades of adventures that have pulled the heroes into the far reaches of outer space, into different dimensions, and beyond. As such, there are dozens and dozens of species of alien creatures, cosmic entities, and omnipotent beings that live throughout the various comic storylines throughout Marvel’s long and storied history.

Ranging from species that died out long ago to those that still travel through space seeking to conquer new planets, we’ve compiled this list of some of the most powerful alien species that Marvel has shown us. We looked for species that would be familiar to fans of the MCU, as well as the most influential alien species in the comic books. Some of these creatures are truly unstoppable, others have squandered potential. But each is interesting and fascinating in their own way. None of these species is exactly the same- even the Chitauri and Skrulls, who were originally alternate universe versions of each other. For more details on the species that gave us Venom to the biology of Thor: Ragnarok fan-favorite character Korg, check out our full list below!


The Centaurians are a species with a lot of potential for power, but unfortunately were slaughtered by a more powerful species. The Centaurians are from the planet Centauri V and they have blue skin and a large red dorsal fin on the top of their heads, giving them an overall height of around seven feet. They have some psionic abilities, able to use soundwaves to manipulate the arrows they shoot, but their technology is quite primitive, seeing as their primary weapons are bows and arrows.

The best-known Centaurian is Yondu Udonta, a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics and is believed to be the last of his kind.

The rest were destroyed by the Badoon. Yondu makes it his mission to fight the Badoon, forming the original Guardians with Charlie-27 and Martinex. In the MCU, Yondu Udonta is a bit different from the comics. His dorsal fin is not part of his biology, but is instead an object that allows him to control his arrow, which is far more powerful than the primitive arrows the Centaurians use in the comics. He is the MCU’s version of the Earth-616 universe’s Yondu, who is the ancestor of the Yondu from the original Guardians of the Galaxy.


The Klyntar (most often referred to as the Symbiotes) originated from a planet called Klyntar in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Klyntar are a mostly benevolent race, seeking to help others by bonding with the best hosts they can find — if bonded to an evil host, the symbiote can become corrupted and become a parasite. The parasitic symbiotes are the more space-faring of the two, conquering planets and feeding off of the hormones of their hosts.

The best-known symbiote in the MCU is Venom, who was the first symbiote brought to Earth. He bonded to Spider-Man, but was rejected by the young hero for being too aggressive. The rejected Venom bonded to several hosts afterwards, becoming more or less altruistic depending on the person he was bonded to. Venom had several spawns, including Carnage. Because most of the symbiotes on Earth are spawn of either Venom or Carnage, the symbiotes have taken on a mostly villainous role, but the species itself isn’t inherently evil. They have several abilities, mostly enhancing the abilities of their hosts. Superior strength, speed, and healing are some of the perks for the host. The symbiote itself, in a liquid form, can infiltrate nearly anything for the sake of gathering intelligence or disabling technology. It can also change appearances and even make the host appear invisible, but without a host, the Klyntar symbiotes aren’t much of a threat.

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