The 25 Most Powerful Villains In Anime

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The world of anime is extremely expansive with a dozen different series that anyone could pick up and enjoy. If one show isn’t your type, surely there’s another that is. With all these series, fans will no doubt become attached to a hero they like, and what comes with that is a villain to hat eon (or love to hate on). This passionate hatred for villains is part of what makes the anime world go round and there are a number of pure evil characters out there who both look fabulous, all while they do the worst things known to the hero of the story. If you’re really looking for a good show, you’ll know the character development and plot to the story is only as good as its lead enemies.

We can think of dozens of characters that fit this bill because, seriously, there seems to be an infinite amount of stylishly evil villains in the giant world of anime. But amongst the many horrific events and baddies that thrive in the realm of anime, only a handful can truly be considered the worst of the worst. So exactly who are these wretched villains we speak of, you may ask? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best there are and then we’re listing them off from the least powerful of the bunch, to the absolute most strongest ever. Are you ready for trouble? Here are 25 insanely gifted villains from your favorite anime series, officially ranked by power.


If you like anime, you’ve probably watched Attack on Titan at least once in your life. At first, you might have thought that this was just an anime with the “us against them” sort of mentality, but the Beast Titan really changed all that.

Everything you thought you knew about titans was suddenly wrong — this Titan could think, talk and plan.

Not only is this one of the largest Titans in the series, it also has the ability to launch items with extreme accuracy and harden its body. Horrifying? Definitely. He’s not the most powerful on this list, but certainly worth mentioning.

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