The 8 Most HEROIC Things Venom Has Done (And The 7 Most REPULSIVE)

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Venom made his first appearance in 1988’s The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (David Michelinie, Mike Zeck, Todd McFarlane), later revealed to be the parasitic black suit rejected by Spider-Man that had bonded with Peter Parker’s enemy, Eddie Brock. The two shared a mutual hatred of Spider-Man and a love of sadistic violence that made them perfect for each other. Over time, Venom became one of the most popular villains in comics. More than just an evil clone of Spider-Man, Venom has all the Web-Slinger’s abilities as well as enhanced speed, strength and shape-shifting powers. He also has a wickedly long tongue.

Yet Venom has had a complicated history. He’s mainly known as a sadistic and brutal villain, but his popularity has led Marvel to make him into an antihero many times. The Venom symbiote is powerful, and it’s been used by different hosts and organizations who tried to bring it under control. The results were often successful, and other times a disaster. With the announcement of Tom Hardy playing the title role for Sony’s Venom movie


The first time Venom went from supervillain to superhero was in 1993’s miniseries Venom: Lethal Protector, written by David Michelinie and illustrated by Mark Bagley, Ron Lim and Sam DeLarosa. After years of fighting, Spider-Man agreed to leave Venom alone, as long as he didn’t commit any crimes. Eddie Brock and the symbiote decided to become heroes together and moved to San Francisco (Brock’s hometown) to fight crime.

One of Venom’s first challenges was defending an underground homeless community from giant robots sent to root them out in search of a hidden treasure. Venom smashed the robots and saved the homeless people, while living up to the “lethal” part of the “lethal protector” subtitle. It was Venom’s first act of heroism, but wouldn’t be his last.

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