The Coolest Indie Comic Characters Of The Last Decade

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The comics medium is a narrative and visual playground that gives creators the freedom to bring to life whatever type of world they want. Inhabiting the worlds contained in-between the comic book pages are a diverse range of characters. Some evil, some good, some goofy and some downright cool. This list is dedicated to those characters. You know, the ones that are so damn cool that the pages they appear on almost feel icy! Although there are plenty of cool-cats — the kids still say that right? — in the pages of super-hero comics; unlimited by genre, indie comics are able to play host to a much wider range of cool characters.


Kicking off the count-down is the fan-favourite private investigator, Dex Parios. Making her first appearance in “Stumptown” back in 2009, Dex has an undeniable swagger to her. This swagger, as well as her over-all cool vibe, stems from her unshakeable confidence — possibly bordering on cockiness!

When we first meet Dex, she has been stuffed into a trunk and driven to a riverside in a fairly remote part of Portland.  Two armed thugs pick her up out of the trunk of the car and carry her to underneath a nearby suspension bridge. Even though things look grim for Dex — it’s clear the thugs intend to kill her — that doesn’t stop her from running her mouth off and sassing her two would-be assassins. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that Dex is all talk and no action; quite the opposite is true. Not only does Dex manage to get out of this sticky situation alive — with a bit of help from a Kevlar vest — she is involved in her fair share of fist-fights, car chases and gun fights throughout “Stumptown’s” three story-lines.

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